Baron Glenn

#Fantasy Stories, by Baron Glenn

“A Trip out West”
Oneday at the Norco Inn, a Man by the name of Norab decided to get a room instead of staying with the relatives he was in town visiting.
Norab was in California to see his cousins. He came all the way from Columbus Ohio…
He did’nt have much money to spare so he only needed a spot to sleep during the nights. Norco inns was’nt even a Hotel, it was a Motel… Norab got in town a day early and was tired from the 2 part plane trip so once he got checked in, he only wanted to rest for a while. His room number was 69 and he noticed that each room entrance was from the outside, not an inside Hallway setting. He got settled into a room, ordered a pizza, then went to take a shower.. After about a fifteen minute Hot shower he got out and began to search on TV for a movie. He found a New release on Netflix and shortly after that the pizza he had ordered arrived. He ate some of the pizza he had ordered, watched most of the movie and then he dozed off into a deep sleep… The alarm he set prior to checking in went off, he woke up…
Seeing that it was still dark outside, he just laid there for a few minutes. Thinking about his Hard Manhood, He grabbed the remote and searched for some Porn to watch. He found some Fetish/Fantasy Porn and began to get Aroused. It was a foot Fetish Porn! Norab did Love a Woman with some Sexy feet anyway 🙂
He got up to check and make sure the curtains were closed and they were, at least he thought they were………….. 😮
A woman by the name of Janet was on her way to work. She just started to work at The Norco Inn a few weeks ago. She did house keeping and shockingly it paid better than she expected. She got there early that morning to complete her duties sooner than normal so that she could leave work early to go with a New Guy she had recently met.
Tenaj had not been with anybody for a long time after a terrible ending to her last Relationship. She was very Lonely and ready to get back in the dating world again. And needless to say, her sex life was’nt living at all… Tenaj began to make her rounds which consisted off following a clipbored of rooms that are not occupied that need to be cleaned and refreshend with New sheets/Towels/Toiletries/and Vacuumed out. She made it threw the first 3 rooms pretty quick and as she was walking past room 69 she heard sounds of sex :/ She looked at the clipbored to see who the occupant was…
“Narob Nelg” She then tried to peak in the window by the side were the cutain was closed all the way and when she did :0 She could’nt believe her eyes!!! :0
Her heart was pounding instantly!!! She saw Black Man with a Nice Body laying in the bed with a Nice Big Long Juicy Cock stinkin straight up in the air in his hand stroking it slowly up and down. She was so Horny instantly! OMG was all she could think. Her Heart was filled with Desire and so much tension. Her mouth was watering and so was her throbbing pussy. She was so nervous, she did’nt want anyone to catch her sneaking and secretly watching this Man Masturbate. She backed away from the window and strated to walk away trying to calm down and control her breathing. Then she turned back around and started to pace bak and forth a few times, looking around to see if anybody was coming. The cost was clear so she quickly tip toed back to the window to get another quick peek. “Oh My God” slipped out her mouth as she could’nt believe the size of his Humongous Big Black Dick and then the look an the Mans face like he was having the most pleasure he’d ever had. She heard a noise in the near distance and she almost tripped and fell over a set of bushes. It was a tenant from a few rooms down leaving and they did’nt even see notice her spying. Tenaj gathered herself and decided she had to do something. She just had to something… So she built up the courage to knock on the door unprepared with what she would say if the Man answered. She did’nt even state her indentity as housekeeping. And to her surprise, Norab did’nt ask who it was at the door before opening it. The doors chain latch was on when he opened it and he positioned his self beheind the door just as anybody would do if they were Naked. He said “Hi, can I help you with something?” Tenaj just smiled at him and went blank 🙂 knowing that he stood naked in front of her just behind the door with that Big Hard Dick. She stuttered and finaly said “umm, I umm wanted to see if I could umm, well I saw what you were doing :)” she was smiling at Him licking her lips… she continued, “May I assist you in any way at all?” She was looking down as though she could see threw the door staright at his package, Norab said “excuse Me? I Beg your pardon? She said to him with less of a smile but still flirty, “Can I help you with that Big Hard issue of yours?” Norab had an embarressed look on his face as he unlocked the chain on the door. He allowed her inside the room and Tanaj gasped for air when she saw his fully Naked Body right in front of her. His Dick was even Bigger now! She got down on her knees right there on the spot and stuffed as much of it in her mouth as she could fit. She closed her eyes and began to moan as she was enjoying this so much. She took him down her throat as deep as she could until she choaked/gagged. She popped it out her mouth gasping for air like she was under water swimming. She was loving every minute and every inch of this BBC. She was wiping it all over her face and smothering his Big Balls all over her forehead and worshiping his Dick…..
Norab then took her over to the bed, began to undress her completely. He laid laid her down on the bed on her back and went inbetween her legs with his Body and started to Kiss her on her neck down to her nice size breast. He noticed the small moles/beauty marks she had. He kissed her all the way down to her stomach, down to her throbbing, soaking wet pussy. He licked it right on the clit,

Once he saw that she was squirming around and moaning loudly, he knew she was ready for him to enter her… He got up on the Bed with Her and pur both of her legs up in the air but with them closed together. She grabbed his Dick and eased it in… He went slow at first until her wetness oozzed around the Head of his Dick and once he got a steady groove he bagan to pound her lights out. He put both of her feet on his face and began to sniff her feet, sniffing inbetween her toes and loving the way her feet had a light sweaty smell. Her fett were very soft and nicely painted, that was a big turn on for him. Tenaj was screaming and demanding for him to go Harder which he was with each thrust! Tenaj said outloud “Oh MY GOD, IM, IM ABOUT TO, IM ABOUT TO CUM, OH MY GOD, IM CUMMING! IM CUMMING1 Yes! YES! AHH YES!!! And then the wetness from her climax felt so good to Norab that he felt the explosion coming… He pulled out of her and scooted up on her waist, up to her chest and sprayed his load all over her breast!!! :0
They both collapsed. 30 miutes later Tenaj got up, went to the bathroom to take a shower. When she came out the bathroom, Norab was gone… :/
No note with a number, no nothing. She looked to see when his room rental was expired and it did in 1 hour. Tenaj was shocked/disappointed. She finished her duties early just as she had planned, went home and prepared for her date. She recieved a call from her date, he asked if she had a friend who may wanna meet his cousin from Ohio who’s here visiting? 😉
The end… I hoped you liked

Baron Glenn
DOC #A745500

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