Nathaniel Menefee

Introduction Blog, by Nathaniel Menefee

My name is Nathaniel Devon Menefee. I go by DeVon or my Writing name Genuine. I’m 43 years in existence. I have been in chains since I was 18 (locked up since May of 1994) but the links in that chain began for before then…
I was 3 years old when my mother was murdered and my life was turned upside down. Too much for a child to see. I have a 24 year old daughter who’s love and support keeps me from being choked by the chains. She is the wind beneath my wings. I would have never made this far without her and my loving cousin who is like a sister to you cuz. One year ago I was blessed with a grandaughter – I’m still trying to get my head wrapped round that. A ball of joy. I breath for them now. I need to be there for them. About 25 years in, and I’m still trying to convince the parole bored that I am no longer that broken hot headed 18 year old. They have seen me three times thus far and have given me five years each time. My next board date is Around January2023. They told me to show them that I’m serious about coming home. With this in mind I have decided to reach out and share my pain, my thoughts, my poetry, my dreams, my future , and most of all, my change, with the world. In hopes that those who relate, struggle , or is headed in the derection that has swallowed up the majority of my existence will learn from my mistakes , support my change and witness my growth. Hebrews 13:3 is tatted on my rib so that I will never forget. I encourage the world rather religious or no, to embrace that word. That is what will change the world. You can’t treat a person like an animal for decades and expect them to be civilized. Bad deeds are not to be ignored by no means – but the good a man does after he’s made mistake, are too often ignored. I Reach out to show the world and the Parole bored that I am serious. I am no longer broken though I am not yet whole. I am not an animal. I am a loving and loyal human being who made a mistake and has grown from it I have a story to tell and a lot pain to share, walk with Me… feel the ground beneath MY feet.

If you want to reach me directly you can contact me by mail at PO Box 120, Lebanon Ohio 45036 or you can hit me up on line .go to and set up an email acount using my Name and number –

Nathaniel Menefee
DOC #a307064

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