Ali Jabbaar

Emergency, by Ali Jabbaar

Emergency. Lebanon Corrections in Ohio. Please go to the website and get the telephone number for this place. get connected with the warden/captain/major office and let them know that there is no heat on the high side of F-Block. Its going to be 5 degrees this long weekend. imagine how its going to feel in a cell with no heat. I’m not talking air that is luke warm, i’m saying absolutely no heat on the high side of f block. this is rediculous. imagine the people who dont own anytime of extra clothing. they dont provide us with anything longsleeve. no hats. no coats. no anything. please help. i’m not speaking for myself. i am fortunate to have extra clothing but many are not and the blankets they provide dont help as much. not in the type of weather we are about to have. this place is already labeled condemned and the walls are real thin if not cracked. Please help.

Ali Jabbaar
DOC #623086

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