Kyle Taylor

FOOD FOR THOUGHT, by Kyle Taylor

“The flutter of a butterfly’s wings can cause a typhoon halfway across the world.” –Unknown

I’ve taken the time this morning to reflect on this quote. Even the smallest choices and decisions we make drastically change the series of events to follow and ultimately the outcome. The ones we are mindful of or the ones we are not. For example, we intend to turn left at a stop sign but mindlessly turn right and wind up in a collision. So its important to strategically maneuver our chess pieces in life. Even with that being said, we are not God, and can never count on our own logic and understanding. Even responsible choices have the potential to create a hazardous course to follow. Metaphorically, air bags and seat belts meant to preserve life have killed people. So where do we draw the line of healthy analyzing? Do we let loose and enjoy life on a whim or do we scrutinize ourselves in our daily lives? I believe its different for everyone. Each having their own therapeutic balance.

DOC #A700087

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