Shawn Lemon

What Matters? by Shawn Lemon

My situations & experiences inspire me to write,type,staying hype.Talking about the wrongs & rights.Here I am Alone Again,gifted ,talented but close friends with abandonment. These days there’s no good or bad just perspective.Cool & leveled temperament however,Low tolerance for Willful Ignorance. Dream chaser ,Goal getter .Ready to make my accomplishments memorable. Entrepreneur, ready to make my strategies marketable.Once I heard that,the Guy with the Gold creates his own rules,I Knew it meant you have to have Ca$h on demand. Staying in the cross hairs of the cops,have nots, and T.H.O.T.S keep you stressing,guessing Who’s real, What’s fake.Friends of me were really enemies, so Now I Know why they say hindsight is 20/20. Criticized for my New Path,wanting to Live Life on it’s terms.Enhance,Empower, knowing my Purpose is a Process to Progress.Where Emotions rule,Logic is Often Lacking.Won’t allow my “”extreme conditions”” produce extreme reactions,cause, I Am in the Knowledge of What Matters.
Shawn N. Lemon #A465-851 P.O.Box 57 Marion, Ohio 43301 or contact me on Jpay,by either going on Jpay or sending me your email address, so I can send you a friend invite for my email list.

Shawn N. Lemon
DOC #A465-851

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