Michael Price

Life, by Michael Price

When the judge struck that gavle and gave me life without parole/ I’ve been so determined ever since not to let these chains, walls, and razor wire fences capture my soul/When one looks at a person in my position you would say all he wants is his freedom and his dignity/but at the end of the day its bigger than this young black kid from the inner city/ You see most call it freedom but me I scream Uhuru! Uhuru! Uhuru!/Some of you may know that in Swahili these two words are one in the same/ But to me freedom is in the physical and Uhuru is in the mind frame/ Now listen up people this here is a true story/I’ve been told by the Most High that as long as I am loyal to H.I.M. I am promised nothing but glory/ Please believe that’s the one thing that I’m determined to achieve/The best thing that has ever happened to me/ Is the beautiful young lady that I helped to create to carry on my legacy/That is the same young lady that was told that there would never be a person that would run this country that is the same color as she/So we’ve seen Mrs Obama and to all that didn’t believe her husband President Obama destroyed that theory/Now that same young lady feels like hey one day that’s going to be me! I give you a small part of me and the state that I’m in at this time in my life but there is more to come just wait! Once again thank you for your time. JAH Bless!

Michael Price #A411-359
P.O. Box 120
Lebanon Oh,45036


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