William Brewer

Introduction Blog, by William Brewer

My name is William, but that is a name I’ve just started to use. I’ve been called by a few different aliases through the years, yet as I grow older I’m finding that I want something different for myself and it seems fitting that my name should change as my life has/is. I’ve been incarcerated since August, 2006 and my release date is around May of 2028. However, I do have high hopes of getting out early through a conditional pardon from the governor. I’ve been waiting over two years now for a response from the governor’s office, but truly that’s a good thing. The last individual my lawyer represented waited 3 years before he was granted the pardon. Either way though, I’m doing my best to stay positive and make every day count. I recently finished my associates degree from a local community college and I’ve also completed a 4 year apprenticeship to become certified as a journeyman in sheet metal. Most importantly, I have God in my life now. If you read my thoughts and would like to contact me, my address is:

William Brewer #1069409
Caroline Correctional Unit #2
31285 Camp Road
Hanover, VA 23069


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