Scott Mitchell

Broken Hearted, by Scott Mitchell

My first blog:

25 years of being locked up changes people. In one way or another, YOU WILL CHANGE!!!!
Feelings that you never knew were in you can have a way of taking control of you at times.
Someone could come into your life, cast a spell, and leave like it was nothing to them.
Meanwhile, you ( I ) are left there dazed, confused, and trying to figure out what just happened.
How did you ( I ) get sucked in to this “thing” that just happend?
What was it ???
Was it right, was it wrong, am I glad that it happened, am I mad that it happened, will I ever see this person again.
Was any of it real for THEM, like it was for me, or was it just a way to pass time and make money?? Was it all just a game to THEM?
Why does it hurt so bad? Why does my heart feel broken?
Why do I feel like I’m drowning and need THEM, and only THEM, to help me be able to breath again?
Will I ever be okay?
Am I crazy or am I finally sane?
Why couldn’t they love me the way I loved them?
Was it all a lie, was it all what everyone told me that it was, and warned me to be careful of??
Or was it what THEY told me that it was, true love?
Why do I hurt so bad? Why does my heart feel broken?
Why was it me, that THEY, decided to do this to?
Why is this world, and the people in it, so cruel?
Why do slow songs make me cry more for Them, then they ever did for anyone else?
Why do I miss THEM so badly?
No, it’s not THEM, but this person is able to help me anyway. My pain isn’t so bad when they’re around me. I can breathe again. How is this possibe? I thought only THEY could help me. Should I trust this person? Should I let them into the, not so empty, spot in my life, in my heart, in my mind??? Will things be different this time? Can I be different this time? Am I ready for this? Am I crazy or am I sane?? Why do slow song singers know me so well? What do I do? Should I cover up and protect myself from the chance of being hurt again or do I open up and take a chance?? What is wrong with me?
Why does this hurt so bad? Why does my heart STILL feel broken?
Will It ever stop hurting? Will I ever be okay again. Why did they have to break my heart and take advantage of me? Couldn’t THEY have of spared me. Did they have to hurt me so badly in the process of all of this? Dioes my pain even matter to them at all? Was any of this real for them, were any of the feelings they said that had for me real or was that all just a lie. Will this time be different? Have I learned enough from this to never let it happen to me again? Will my heart ever heal? Will I ever be okay again?

Scott Mitchell #A636258
P.O.Box 901
Leavittsburg, OH. 44430

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