Nakeem Williams

Support, by Nakeem Williams (aka: Keem)

Support comes in more ways than one could comprehend. Being incarcerated you realize how small minded others can be. A lot of people see support as a financial thing and nothing more. But what about mental support? What’s about emotional support? That’s what really counts. That’s what will keep one going no matta how much he has on his books or whateva. I will take some encouragement and love over a dolla any day. That’s jus me tho. I may be like this cause even when things aren’t intact my way I get threw my struggle cause I remain optimistic and don’t sweat over the small things of this physical realm. Different breed, different mindset, different outlook on life. I will look beyond the physical no matta what. It has to be more than we see out there ya know? We have to stop cherishing things that comes to go and appreciate one another more. Its real out here. We need each other more than anything else right now. So let’s support and love each other threw it all. Love is Love Always…….

Nakeem Williams
DOC #658-688


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