Travis Smith


part 2
Note : I just wrote the article about Jasmine Barnes death. The white male in the truck turned out to not be involved. It was two black males who mistakenly identified Jasmine’s car for another. It was not racially motivated after all, but just as senseless and tragic. Godbless her.
A Girl and Neptune. universe 3. waking world. 2047

A rocket was heading up into the reddish yellow sky. The dim sun hovered low on the horizon. She looked over at the boy she just met. He was new. They just arrived a few days ago from earth. She felt excited every time the rockets came and went. The boy seemed to like her as much as she liked him. It was almost dark and her parents did not like her being outside of the dome at night. The wind storms came fast and unpredictably. They could get lost but she couldn’t resist showing him the yellow river. It was not water. It was some kind of liquid metal and gas the scientists made in order to maintain the substance needed for heating and cooling. They were protected from the paper thin atmosphere by their suits. She had a lavender colored one her father bought her . His was orange. Both moons were coming into view . The boy , Travis , wanted to see them outside of the dome. Demos and Phobos now glistened with the parent stars dim light in the darkening sky. She reached out and grabbed his hand turning him toward her. She motioned with her finger which pointed to the moons. she spoke into her helmet’s radio
” you see? mystical isn’t it?”
Travis looked up and was silent for a moment. Both moons were close enough to view in one gaze. There were blue , red and white stars shimmering all around the two small satellites. They were at the rivers edge which glistened under the celestial lights. He was absolutely overwhelmed with a philosophical state of mind.
” thank you , Sara. ”

The dream world
They stood there watching the long vertical black columns rising up from the strange geysers. They were blown over high up from powerful winds.The huge blue sphere sat spinning in the sky. It was Neptune. They were on Triton again.
Travis : Sometimes when I’m depressed like this and feel like sticking a gun in my mouth and blowing my head off , I look into the blackness and imagine being part of it… I once was. and will be again.
Sara : There is no escaping existence… we are always some where somehow. We lay within its bed and dream or we lay awake and wonder.We will always awaken from the blackness in one world or another.
Travis : I like dreaming in its darkness…I use to be in it alone and felt lost. But now I have you to guide me through this cruel long cold night. When I didn’t have you , I always felt like sticking a gun in my mouth and pulling the trigger.Will you be in the next world?
Sara : I think I’ll find you again some where.

We are in the house. It is the house that is here most time on Triton…And the old man .He sits there either smoking a cigar or a pipe. All the rooms are drenched in dark except the side room off of the kitchen. A dim light bulb swings slowly from the ceiling eliciting schizophrenic shape shifting shadows that dance about grotesquely across our faces. His favorite subjects are relativity and quantum mechanics. The most discussed topics at the table are Schrodinger’s cat and the multiverse. He tells Sara and I about how we are waves of energy that are arranged in very particularly precise patterns that have been conjured out of a set of special and sophisticated fields that make up the spacetime continuum.

Sara : Are we experiencing these other worlds now , at the same time?
Old man : yes. I used to be skeptical of certain things like quantum entanglement and the uncertainy of values of a system . But here in this world I can see the big picture. I know how certain things work. I know that this piece of space is connected to that piece of space , if you can even consider it space now.
Travis: Are you saying that quantum mechanic’s entanglement is real ?
Old man : yes. When two quanta become entangled they were one and the same but essentially divided and moved in what we perceive as separation in the spacetime continuum. at the very core of reality what appears to be different locations is an illusion.
Sara : It sounds like the holographic principle . What we experience as three dimensional spacetime is a very complex process of waves of vibrating “energy ” And its coded to function in such specific instruction so as to yield the properties of what scientists have rudimentary described as the standard model of particles and the fundamental four forces.
Travis : The holographic principle is a prouduct of string theory. I don’t believe string is the answer to reality. I think it is loop quantum gravity. You still have the the set of fields , such as the higgs field and other quantum fields , but space is made of atoms that obey quantum mechanics energy scale like Planck’s scale which describes a inversely proportional small space energy relation. The more you go down in magnitude of size the higher and frenetic the momentum

A Girl and Neptune Universe. 4. waking world dream world ?

” Freckles ! Freckles ! Where are you ? ” the man ran from street to street , person to person. A lot of the people were familiar with him . He was the neighborhood fixture that most considered harmless and sad. He was a schizophrenic who lived with his parents over on Lincoln avenue. His siblings had moved out when they graduated school but Travis did not have much hope for a meaningful future. He had become convinced some girl he dreamed about with freckles was real and roaming around hiding from him. He thought they were in love and he did something to upset her and now she won’t talk to him. So for the past year he spends his days roving the streets

Travis Smith
DOC #529433

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