Shawn Lemon

Introduction Blog, by Shawn Lemon

Quote of the day “” The difference between Men & boys are the life Lessons they Learn “” Book of the month : Unfair Advantage by Robert T. Kiyosaki.also the author of the classic ,Rich dad, Poor dad.New word of the day : Pensive
(adj) Thinking Deeply or seriously,often of sad or melancholy things.

My name is Shawn Nicholas Lemon, I’ll be 45 on Super bowl Sunday
(Feb.3rd) Yes,the age of Aquarius! I believe my intake date is 2/9/04 and my expected parole date is early 2022. My contact information is, #A465-851 Marion,Ohio 43301 P.O. box 57 as of tomorrow. My security status got lowered so I’m leaving Warren corr in some hours.
A little bit about myself, Despite my charge I’m a good person,this is my first & only time being locked up.I’m an open book which means,a person who I’m dealing with ( business ,friendship,or personal )doesn’t have to always ask me specific questions to receive information on who I am or what I’ve done. I’m a man of God,integrity, passion.I believe in being noble,respectable, consistent, sensual, considerate. I’m an advid reader /writer, a Man of intellect,empathy.I’m a barber so ,I love to cut hair,workout,jogg,restore old school American muscle cars mainly Chevy,Oldsmobile,Ford,Pontiac. I enjoy cleaning,cooking,movies,live events,chess,pool,basketball,boxing, and making females laugh & smile.I’m about to end this and send you out a Blog titled (What Matters?) Genuinely,

Shawn N. Lemon
DOC #465-851

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