Peter Kenney

Introduction Blog, by Peter Kenney

My name is Peter Anthony Kenney …. Inmate #421-491…. I am just about to turn 35 year old on the 31st of January…. I was born and raised on the west side of Cleveland, Ohio… I am currently incarcerated for aggravated murder and kidnapping…. I was sentenced to serve Life in prison, with a chance of parole after 33 years…. I was bonded over as a juvenile (17 years of age) And have been locked up for just about 18 years now…. I’ve been through a lot in those 18 years…. It wasn’t easy growing up in a man’s world as a little boy…. And was forced to adapted very quickly or be swallowed by the madness of this prison environment….. I was a very troubled child…. Always in trouble and into shit…. Didn’t realize the path I was on could turn down the road it did…. Things can go sooooo wrong in the blink of an eye…. An being so addicted to PCP and other drugs, needless to say, my state of mind was truly lost…. The reason I want to join this blog, is to bring attention to the unfair practices of how children are sentenced in America….. I look forward to sharing my thoughts with you soon…..

P.O. 901


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