Jouhua LaPelusa

Introduction Blog, by Jouhua LaPelusa

To begin my name is Joshua Lapelusa, I am twenty eight years old and serving a seventeen year sentence. I was incarcerated on 8/14 /14 and my release date is 9/9/2031. I have an easy to get along with personality and would give most anyone the shirt off my back if asked. I work Mon-thru Friday in the Ohio penial industry’s license plate shop! I know it’s ironic to make liscnse plates in prison but it’s a real thing, I can confirm the movies got that one right. I’m currently serving my time at Lebanon correctional facility located at P.O. box # 56 L.E.C.I. Lebanon Ohio 45036. If you would like to reach out and contact me you can do so by sending me a letter at the above address or you can also find me on by looking up my name and number (Joshua Lapelusa #A723147.) I’m very excited to have found such a wonderful site like this, I was desperately in need of an outlet.

Joshua Lapelusa
DOC #A723147


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