Donovan Clark

The Universe As Our Grand Temple, by DONOVAN DAVID CLARK

In the sixteen verses of Matthew 6:19-34, Rav Yeshua (Jesus Christ) gives us some sound advice pertaining to the sort of things we should value (6:21), as well as advisement against us distributing our power among too many spiritual endeavors (6:24).
But in Matthew 6:25-33 Rav Yeshua (Jesus Christ) tells us in 3 different ways to do the same thing.
First, he instructs us in 6:26 “Reu” (Hebrew: Behold) the fowls of the air. And this word stems from the root verb “ra’ah,” whch means “to observe, to investigate, or to study.”
Second, in 6:28 we are told to “Hithbonenu-na” (Hebrew: Consider) the lillies of the field. Now this word stems from the root “tevun,” which means “understanding or comprehension.” But “hithbonenu” can also be defined as “analyze, reflect upon, examine or give one’s attention to.”
And third, in 6:33 Rav Yeshua (Jesus Christ) recommends for us to “Baqshu” (Hebrew: Seek) first the kingdom of God and His righteousness.
Like the two previous words, this also stems from a root verb, “baqash,” and it means “to search for, to know, to learn of, or to develop into.”
I ask you, where did Rav Yeshua (Jesus Christ) tell us the kingdom of God is located? If you look at and read Luke 17:21, you will find the answer: ‘Neither shall they say, Lo here! or Lo there! for behold, the kingdom of God is within you.’
Within these verses Rav Yeshua (Jesus Christ) is telling us to do one thing, study. And naturally the question we’re going to ask is, what is it we are supposed to study?
1. the fowls of the air —> shamayim (Hebrew: the heavens/the sky)
2. the lillies in the field —> erets (Hebrew: the earth)
3. the kingdom of God —> adam (Hebrew: humanity/self)
It’s fine to study religion and religious history because that information can be utilized in our journey for knowledge of self. But we shouldn’t stop there. The field of science should also be explored. Think about it. By studying and becoming familiar with Physics, Mathematics, Chemistry, Biology, or any number of the scientific disciplines, we are able to see firsthand the workings of our Creator.

Since we’re on the subject, let’s get scientific for a moment. In Hebraic Science there is what’s called “qavua,” (Hebrew: a constant). And a “constant” is defined as “a measurement that remains consistent no matter the equation you put them in.” Or simply put, “a result that regularly reoccurs regardless the circumstance.”
There are 2 types of universal constants: “physical constants,” which are phenomena that reoccur in nature and are consistent in time; “mathematical constants,” which are numbers that reoccur and have some significant relevance.
Sacred scriptures form all over the world are littered with mathematical constants. The numbers 3, 12, and 7 faithfully reoccur all through the Bible, obviously pertaining to various matters.
Even here in Matthew 6:25-33, the number “3” is represented by the things Rav Yeshua (Jesus Christ) instructed us to study: 1. the fowls of the air —> shamayim (Hebrew: the heavens/the sky) 2. the lillies in the field —> erets (Hebrew: the earth) 3. the kingdom of God —> adam (Hebrew: humanity/self).
Another example of a mathematical constant is the yearly cycle we’re in, 2019. If we add all the numbers together we come up with “3” (i.e. 2+0+1+9=12; then 1+2=3). This number “3” in Hebraic Science represents the God-quality, “understanding.” But this transcends what we call mere comprehension. Divine understanding, as a God-quality, is “intelligence, discernment, or insight.’

The piont I’m trying to make is that to simply be a religious individual isn’t enough nowadays. Like all those wise and enlightened women and men who came before us, they understood how to tap into the Mind of God (Holy Spirit) in order to fully experience That all encompassing Presence. And it was done by studying and grasping how the world works.
“Even so faith, if it hath not works, is dead, being alone” (James 2:17). We have heard this verse repeated over and over again for most of our lives. But what is it saying?
“Faith” in Hebrew is “emunah,” and also means “belief, position, viewpoint, or theory.” And “work” in Hebrew is “maaseh,” and it can be defined as “operation, action, experience/knolwedge, or science.” Now reread that same verse with these different definitions in mind: “Even so theory/bellief, if it hath not science/experience, is dead, being alone.”
Let us earnestly study both physical nature and human nature, with the intent to see our Creator operating in the universe and within ourselves.

HOTEP (Peace)

DOC #A390-726

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  1. Christ was a Hebrew, a step son of Joseph. Joseph was a Hebrew his lineage goes back to Abraham. Hebrews are different then Israelites. Just a thought you might consider. .


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