Matthew Epperson

LOCKDOWN, by Matthew Epperson

Eternally, there is a good and bad side to every scenario. The bad side to getting that promotion could be the extra responsibility. The good side to getting locked up could be the discovery of a new talent. Either way, it is a talent in itself to be able to see the good in the bad. And since we are a strict lock down here at Green River C.C., I get the opportunity to practice this! YAY ME!

We’ve on this charade of a lockdown for the past week, and though it is a PAIN, it is a blessing in disguise. I have adamantly worked on this new short story project, and I have even impressed myself with the amount that I’ve accomplished. There are a multitude of competitions for short stories that I might be able to find myself involved with sooner rather than later. It’s pretty exciting. I finished Ruse of Discontent and I immediately started on another project that has taken off like a rocket. Honestly, if I wasn’t locked down and forced to pass my time with work, I might not have gotten as far as I have now. Hopefully, I can find an ideal reader to come along and hurt my feelings with their critique. (I say that lightly. I know I need criticism, but it doesn’t mean I like it) But, there is still plenty of work to do concerning the story. Another thing I’m learning among this process is to quit putting the cart before the horse. That is the real challenge.

Go see something live!

P.S. Suzie Jennings, you are an inspiration!

Matthew Epperson
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