Baron Glenn

#Fantasy Stories, by Baron Glenn

A Trip to the Doctors office:
One day A guy named Baron was having some sharp pains in his left leg. It hurt all the way down to his inner thigh area. At first he tryed to just ignore the pain, thinking that maybe it was from sleeping in a twisted position. He took some IBprofen and went back to sleep assuming the pain would most likely wear off. But when he woke up, the pain was worst. He took a hot shower and tried to massage out the pain but that did’nt work. After about a week of dealing with the pain nonstop, he finally decided to go get checked out at the E.R.
01-12-19 Saturday He went to Mt. Carmel east hospital. He spoke with the initial nurse about his issue and she handed him a clipbored and directed him to the waiting area. After about 45 minutes, he heard his name being called. It was a Male nurse who was very humorous, with a good attitude. He told Baron that he would only be taking his vitals and that the Doc would be in to see him shortly. He handed Baron a patient gown and instructed Baron to change out. Baron asked him if he knew who the Doctor is that will be seeing him, and the nurse said “she is very good at what she does” and raised his eye brows twice at Baron… He then said to Baron, “alrighty, it wont be much longer of a wait, take it easy man”, and threw up the peace sign and walked out of the room. About 3 minutes later, there was a tap at the door and then it opened, and a Extremly Attractive White Woman with a white Lab coat walked in saying “Hello Mr.Glenn, my name is Doctor Robinson :)” she offered him a handshake and then asked him “what seems to be the problem?” Baron was instantly attracted to her soft hands and the way they were painted Hot pink. Baron told her his issue and said he does’nt know why its been hurting… She then asked him to show her exactly where it hurts. He pointed to his inner thigh area on his left leg and said “all through here”. Doctor Robinson then began to press her soft cold hands on his thigh, and began to ask him questions about what type of physical activities he has been involved in that could have caused him to pull a muscle? Baron said that he couldnt think of anything because he had’nt been active lately at all. Baron noticed that she did’nt wear gloves. Her touch was so soft and it caused him to have an Erection. He was seated on the patient table so he was sure that she had’nt noticed but, just then she asked him to stand up. She was seated on a stool and when Baron stood up, her face was at his waist level. His gown was poking out nearly in her face. She said to him, “Mr. Glenn Im going to have to give you a testical exam, just to make sure you dont have any Hernias, Can I ask you to raise your gown.” Baron was nervous and embarressed but he did as she said and once he raised up his gown his Big Rock Hard penis flopped and bounced like a diving bored ‘thoing thoing’… The look on her face was so shocked and Baron thought he saw some excitement in her eye ๐Ÿ˜ฎ ๐Ÿ™‚ Dr Robinson said, “Oh my Goodness, Mr Glenn you have a Massive erection!” More of her informing Baron rather than complimenting him… Baron started to apologize and Doctor Robinson assured him that its not nessasary to apologize nor be ashamed or embarressed. She began to fondal his testicals with her barehand… She was doing what seemed like weighing them and he could tell that she was enjoying herself. She said to him “Mr Glenn, I think the problem may be built up tension in your scrotum. When is the last time you’ve ejaculated? Baron said it had been a few weeks, maybe more. Dr Robinson then lefted his penis up by its head with her finger tips, she opened up a drawer next to her and got out some type of lubricant, she squirted it all over his Hard throbbing Penis, the solution was warm and felt great! She then began to stroke his Penis with one hand and fondal his Balls with the other. She started off slow, watching his reactions to different strokes then she began to speed up when she saw his pleasurable reaction. Her hand smaking his pelvis with each stroke, His Penis becoming Harder and Harder at an all time Biggest one she had ever seen. Dr Robinson had never done this before and was truely amazed that she was getting him off only by using her hands. This actually aroused her. The size of his Penis was fasinating. The thickness of it and the slight curve in the shaft, his well rounded Head of his Penis looked like it would feel so good inside of her and would most definitely fill her up! She said to him, “Yes that’s it, good Boy, come on, let it out Mr Glenn” and within 5 mintutes Baron ejaculated all over her face and breast! It was such a powerful explosion! Dr Robinson was breathing just as hard as Baron was. She had that same shocked look on her face again. She said that she had never seen anything like that before and was very amazed. She said “well, im sure the tension in your leg will be gone now.” Baron said “Wow Dr Robinson I feel so much better already :), thank you very much :)”
Dr Robinson said “its my job to make you well:) now you come back if that leg of yours continues to give you any problems and I have a different remedy we’ll try ๐Ÿ™‚
The End….. ๐Ÿ˜‰ I hope you liked

Baron Glenn
DOC #A745500

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