Andrew Hunt

Independent Thinker, by Andrew Hunt

Be independent in your thought process,don’t allow your surroundings to incorporate itself into your way of thinking. As an individual stand on your own 2 feet alone ,ifyou must to strive to not be put in a box,so to speak.Be a functional literate ,(society)the powers that be ,would like us all to be functional illiterates.Not independent self thinkers.Asking why?Also questioning everything. As( they )would like us to except what (they)put out in the atmosphere, far as knowledge goes.(They) expect us to absorb it,and not to wonder where it comes from.”Thinkers”,that are influential ,think…why did God create us in His image ,with the ability to exercise Free will,thus the abilities to choose the path not taken by most,you are individuals be an individual that stands out in your thinking. You are not robots programed how to think…..Think on it…you may just change the world …if not the world,your world…or someone’s world. Use your brain God gave it to you to utilize. Thanks for your time as always God Bless, Andrew Hunt. L.I.E 2ME!
& be safe! #freethereal.

Andrew Hunt
DOC #675-329


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