William Bethea

WHO AM I, by William Bethea

I’M Blessed
I’M Greatful
I’M Intelligent
I’M Confident
I’M Beautiful
I’M Strong
I’M Mindful
I’M Unique
I’M Ambitious
I’M Positive
I’M Powerful
I’M Loving
I’M Extraodinary
I’M Articulate
I’M Motivated
I’M Focused
I’M Amazing
I’M Genuine
I’M Enthusiastic
I’M Independed
I’M Successful
I’M Creative
I’M Optimistic
I’M Encouraged
I’M Awesome
I’M Persistent
I’M Incredible
I’M Talented
I’M Victorious
I’M Humble
I’M Versatile
I’M Appreciative
I’M Energetic
I’M Realistic
I’M Inspired
I’M Adenturous
I’M Spontaneous
I’M Industrious
I’M Loyal
I’M Consistent
I’M Rngelic
I’M Authintic
I’M Instrumental

I’M everything that you say I wasn’t..


William Bethea
# 000371779-D / 684745


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