James Kelly

THANK YOU!! by James Kelly (aka: Difference)

I want to thank everyone for their thoughts and prayers.
I was recently blessed with a parole date. My release date is 6-5-19. Almost my son Jaidens B-day. He will be 14 years old by then. Probably more of a man than I am already. Thank the Lord.
Its been a long, tough road. But I do believe that I’m not anywhere near the man that I used to be. I feel that I finally learned. This means that I might still make mistakes, but not THE SAME mistakes.
I’ve come too far to go back. I am not content to live here any longer. Its just existing, not living life. My old life is not good enough for me any longer either. I am tired of hurting other people and myself too. With my choices.
I don’t know exactly what I’m going to, or want to do. I just want to be happy and live life.
I finally have a girls who loves me unconditionally. So just want to get home and be with them.
See you soon Mom and Nevaeh.

James Kelly
DOC #59979


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