Baron Glenn

Realities & Actualities, by Baron Glenn

Hey >:) What’s up? My name is ”Baron Glenn”, I’m a 30 year old Black Man from the South side of Columbus, ”Southfield to be exact” lol. I have No kids, although I Love kids… I am an aspiring Rap Artist 🙂 I also shoot and edit my own videos, and make my own Beats!
The reason I’m in Prison is well, because I broke the Law. Lol 🙂 No but seriously I’m here because I had a Pistol in my Car while I was at the Bar. See I told you I was a Rapper lol.
April 2018 I was at a Bar on “Livingston & Brice rd” called ”The Hub”. I was basically doing too much… smh
Smoking weed, No Drivers license, with a Pistol in my possession while on Parole, smh. As stupid as it sounds, my reason for having a Gun is because my Reality is Actuality. And what I mean by that is, in 2017 the death toll in Columbus Ohio was in the high 100’s. And out of all those people who were Killed, I knew more than half of those people but not just knew them, I was Actually Friends with them. 2 of them were Killed by Police…That is my Reality… Someone might say, “If its like that where you live at, why don’t you just move away?” If it were that simple I would… I have several barriers that won’t allow a sudden relocation.
I’m not making excuses. Its just, how can I not have a Pistol to Protect myself when my peers are being murdered? My Reality is crazy! Being that I am a convicted Felon, I no longer have the right to have a Gun. I’m not even suppose to be around a Gun at all. Yet the Reality of where I live at these things are Actually happening… And my choice of income was
“Honest Hustling” which is doing good business with all of my clients. Treating everybody I deal with-with Respect. Giving no reason for hostilities from anybody…. However, everybody else ain’t always like me… Some people out in the streets have hidden agendas, ulterior motives,
Scheme & plotting-Plans smh So its nessasary to have protection… And each time I’ve got out of Jail, when I choose to protect myself,
I don’t have much longer in here now… Im down to months. My social media is my name “Baron Glenn” on ”Facebook & Instagram”. My pages are public so you can check out my videos >:) Also some of my Instrumentals are on ”Sound Cloud”. search: Baron Glenn
More thoughts of mine to Blogg ahead. I have Alot of things on my mind… >:)
As you look through my Social media, after you look at my pics and my Videos, you will see how I was living. I am living my life the Best way I know how to. Not trying to hurt anyone or cause harm to anybody. I just want to Survive my Reality and Actuality……

Baron Glenn
DOC #745500

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  1. Knowing your actualities and realities are important. I don’t think a lot of people stop and think about their own lives like that and they should. Lessons are learned, sometimes not the way we want them to be, but it gives you more insight in how to handle the next go round. Everyone’s actualitiies and realities are there but don’t want to face them or are afraid to express them. Keep on expressing yourself in the way you do. The actuality is that you are real and putting your truths out there may help a person that reads your words. I know it helped me and I thank you! JJR


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