Baretta Wilford

IS REAL LOVE STILL OUT THERE??? by Baretta Wilford

Hey what’s up. I am getting out of prison after doing 26 years. It’s so many things I want to do and try ya know. Now I was talking to my my boy Snook and he said I know you can’t wait to get with a woman. He’s right. I can’t wait, but I don’t just want anything ole chick feel me? See I want to find my wife. I want a woman who GOD has made for me.
See I never hear no one talk about being in love. I know I’ve been out the mix for a while. But People come in everyday from the free world .
See I want to find someone who will really love me.

So I need to find out what kind of woman I need.So let me make a list. now if someone want to help me drop me a line at Baretta Wilford #a291-175 @ ( I’m in Richland )
Now let me see. what do Baretta like.

Opened Minded

Willingness to work together to reach our goals.

Loving. she must know how to love deep. love with her all.


Must be a freak.
Love to fuck and have fun while at it.
One thing I believe is you and your lady must teach each other how to please one another.

I’m the kind of man who need for my lady to show me that you care for me. Telling me just don’t cut it.
Love is an action word.

Be willing to take her time with me because I’ve been locked up for so long it gone take me sometime to get my feet under me.

She got to have her life in order.

She must like to travel.

Want a man. not someone who play games all day.

Got to have a nice body. Phat ass.. I like for a woman who can change up her looks. Keep it fly & sexy.

Out going.

Can be trusted

How know her worth. Know she is a QUEEN and know how to represent herself and her KING.
Want a family. I don’t have kids,Yes I’m 43 and no baby momma.

I know that I’m a good man with so much love to give to a GOD loving woman who can handle a real man.
Some people say I’m to real, I’m to open, but I want nothing but realness in my life.So I give it out & can take it. I’ve been without love for to long. I’m sick of feeling alone. I need a Queen by my side who can help me be a better man..
So if you know someone WHO can meet what I’m looking for send them my way…

I will be waiting.

Baretta Wilford
DOC #a291-175


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