Raymond Frazier

Introduction Blog, by Raymond Frazier

locked up on 9-11-2008
out date 9-4-2032

Hello World!!
Thanks for taking time out your day to care to listen and respond positively to someone who is in a difficult and trying situation (incarcerated) such as myself. You are greatly appreciated for your time and effort.

My name is Ray 34 years born in Columbus Ohio,grew up rough chip on my shoulder addicted to the fast life.(money,guns,hoes,cars,clothes) Loyal to the streets not knowing the streets wouldn’t be loyal to me.(snitched on by my own family)Long story turned short I’m behind bars trying to raise my own kids so they end up better then I did ending the cycle of failure and hopefully they turn misfortune into success.

contact info-

Raymond Frazier #595-071
5787 State Route 63
Lebanon Ohio 45036

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