Piankhi Grimes

THE REBUTTAL, by Piankhi Grimes

Last meeting I heard a man speak on the topic of identity and it was enlightening to say the least.But he mentioned the black,brown,and yellow in a tone of mockery.Then said the world don’t deal in colors.And I laughed even though it wasn’t funny.See this gentleman expounded on the caste system of India introduced by foreign invaders known as the Aryans.A system that’s basically design to keep the darker people oppressed and at the bottom rung of society.Then he went on to explain how this is basically a global phenomenon, where all over the globe the darker people are catching hell while the lighter people live in relative ease by comparison. But! the world don’t deal in color he says.That’s like,the greatest illusion the devil ever pulled was convincing the world he does not exist,in the physical form.Even though We see evidence of his existence daily.Or like in the media when We see the footage of a police officer murder an unarmed Blackman in cold blood.Then their superior get on the news and tell Us,despite what the camera is showing the officer was somehow justified in killing our Brother.But the reason he says for the hell the black,brown,and yellow people catch is because they have no nationality.Let’s be clear,the black,brown, and yellow are not colors,they are not different entities.They are simply shades of Black,the Original People who migrated from the root of civilization and now make up 3/4’s of the Worlds population. All the oldest remains to be found anywhere on this planet have consistently been Black people.Science has long proven that the first man on this planet was the Blackman.Why would I need to pledge allegiance to this or that flag/nation when my skin alone proves I’m indigenous to this planet.Oh you want me to pick a nation.Which one? My ancestors have been found to have been the people to introduce civilization as far east as the Pacific Islands,Australia, China,Japan,Korea,India, Palastan,Arabia,Europe,and the Americas.So pick one, DNA proves all these people are descendants of One ancestor, the Original Man.This gentleman seems to be convinced that the very same system that’s been working against Us for decades is all of a sudden going to do right by you, all you have to do is pledge allegiance to some foreign government.He mentioned the UN without telling you that the UN is headquartered in New York,and that until recently the UN was founded by America until Trump demanded they start paying their own way.He never mentioned that majority of the faces you’ll see at a UN general assembly is lite skinned, even the delegates from darker countries. Did you know that in…………the UN granted………to Indonesia in Australia……. even though it new of the oppression and genocide being wage against the Aborigines of Australia, forcing them to live on the fringes of society while denying them basic human rights.And guess what? the Aborigines are as dark as I am.He mentioned the late great El Hajj Malik Shabazz without telling you the whole story of why he failed in that undertaking.How it was this American government who used their Power to influence those foreign governments to deny the brother entry into their country,which prevented him from meeting with the people he had already arranged to meet with.And how was they influenced by America? through treaties previously signed at the UN.All America did was “remind” them.But the world don’t deal in colors,no sir! white supremacy no longer prevails.Open your Eyes.As long as they can continue to get Us to think that We are all different nationalities the longer white supremacy will prevail.The Black,Brown,and Yellow are One People not different colors.I leave you with the words of my brother,Universal Shamgaaud,”beware of trick-knowledge it is more dangerous than ignorance.
This is a speech I gave at a toastmasters meeting.Hopefully its contents will start a conversation.Peace

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