Terry Wardlow

Introduction Blog, by Terry Wardlow


My name is Terry Wardlow, im36 years of age and im a Capricorn.I been in captivity since 2010 and my earliest release date is 2023,latest release date is 2038.Im from Cincinnati,Ohio.I am considered a mental elevater and like a therapist,people come to me for advice.I have a good understanding and love building,learning and teaching as well.I have a good heart,despite being in captivity i feel i can still be beneficial to people. I believe in love,hell,Right! So when i love someone i will go through hell to see them right.Thank you for giving me the opportunity to get my voice out i been seeking a sounding board!

Here’s my contact info:TERRY WARDLOW#659133 WARREN CORR INST. P.O.BOX 120 LEBANON,OHIO 45036 or I can be contacted on J pay.

Terry Wardlow
DOC #659133

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