Stephon Davis

Introduction Blog, by Stephon Davis

Hello World im Stephon Davis .I am 24 years old .I’ve been locked since I was looking forward to coming home by the end of this year on a judicial release , if not I will not be home until 2026.I’m from Saginaw Michigan , currently locked in Ohio.I’m looking forward to blogging , its a way to keep my mind free.I don’t like idle time , i always have to keep busy. while incarcerated , I am working on my speech I’m a member of toastmaster international.I’m also in a apprenticeship. I’m developing , and good work ethic for when I return to the world.I have so much to talk about through these blogs I hope you enjoy them.if you would like to contact me I can be reached trough jpays Stephon Davis 687701.
or through the mail ,stephon Davis 687701 p.o. box 120 ,Lebanon ohio 45036.
Thank You Mrs.Jennings for the opportunity.

Stephon Davis
DOC #687701


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