Kyle Taylor

Introduction Blog, by Kyle Taylor

My name is Kyle Taylor. I am 32 years old currently serving a 4.75 year sentence in the State of Ohio. I was admitted to prison on May 26, 2017. My release date is December 23, 2021. I am an outgoing, philosophical, and adventurous person. I enjoy contemplating the profound intricacies and design of our universe and lives. I am compassionate and sensitive always seeking the essence of goodness that’s within us all. I love meeting new people and gaining perspective so that I may understand others’ walks of life. We all have a story which is unique and beautiful. Things I enjoy are quality time with family and loved ones, sports (football), exercising, astrology, arts of expression (poetry, theater, painting, dance, sculpting), animals and nature, pass times such as cards, television, as well as reading and educating myself. To contact me you can go to and email me directly or write me at:

Kyle Taylor #A700087
Warren Correctional Institution
P.O. Box 120
Lebanon, Ohio


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