Nicholas Davis

The Struggle, by Nicholas Tylor Davis

Written at: Warren Correctional Institution

Hello bloggers, this would have to be the first time I’ve ever done a blog an please be sure to tell me if I’m doing it right, or wrong? So, my name is Nicholas Tylor Davis, I’m currently serving a 4 year non mandatory sentence an I’m half way through on this number at this point. I’m not getting any younger an this time isn’t scaring me as much as it used to when I first got a unnecessary number, the first time scared me but not enough guess! No what scares me is not the walls around me, nore is it the time in front of me.
What scares me the most is the thought an wonder on whether or not I’m gonna go home an fall victim to myself, an the demons I carry an not being able to fight the demons on the battlefield in my head! Im not gonna be able to face off with my addiction an win without the tools I need to conquer it. So its one of those rock in a hard place type of battles, am I in prison in reality or am I in prison in my head? Well if you haven’t figured out my question its both! I’ll be lost quickly if I don’t figure out how to prepare myself when I leave the actual prison I’m here in, an all that’s left is the one in my head, truthfully I know I can do it ,but having a good support system is a must an for the first time ever in my life I feel like I have that support in my life an once I figure out how this blog works an if I get responses out of it I’ll let out more an more of my story……….as of right now I’d just like to thank Suzie for doing this out of her own time, all it takes is for someone to care an it may make all the difference in somebody’s life, whether you have your freedom, or your in my position you can be loved, an you can help in more ways than many. So thank you to everyone who read this blog, its my first time so if you have any questions let me know?


Nicholas Tylor Davis
DOC #732-840

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  1. Thank you for writing this blog Nicholas. I appreciated how open and honest you were. I am happy to hear you have served half your sentence so far and I pray you are able to battle your demons. Drop me a line if you ever want to chat with a perfect stranger.


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