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my nmae is darryl matlock i am 22 years old 6’1 200 pounds from dayton ohio ive been incarcerated since 2015 and my release date is 2027. im a very intelligent person who loves to learn about how others view the world. i believe everyone deserves a second chance in life and a another turn to make things right, i love to read books and express myself thru movational speakering i believe i can help people not make the same mistakes i made when i was younger. i love to work out but not jus my body but also my mind i learned to finally acknowledge my own intelligence and accpected the fact that i posses leadership qualities. sometimes i dont know how to process all the emotions im experincing hoping to find people or someone who can help me with that. I feel there is no more settling for less in my life so if you understand where im coming from and who i view things you can contact me at http://www.jpay.com or on the jpay app on your smartphone and type in my information after setting up a account. My information is Darryl Matlock #720590 or you can write me at this address 5701 burnett road p.o. box 901 leavittsburg ohio 44430 have a blessed day and thanks for this opportunity…..

Darryl Matlock
DOC #720590


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  1. Appreciate the entry but please review your draft prior to submitting. Recognize the reader will evaluate not only what you state but also how it is stated. Your entry is riddled with grammar issues — no doubt you wish to represent in the most professional manner possible. I look forward to reading your work as it progresses. In other words, you proclaim a high degree of intelligence, make sure your writing represents.


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