Jacob Sisson

New Beginning, by Jacob Sisson

today is a perfect day for a new beginning actions prove who someone is words prove who they want to be. do something today that your future self will thank u for. im at le.c.i prison, fist off my name is Jacob sisson743-626 I come home 7/30/2020 i can’t wait it will be here soon so Im looking for some one to come home to I’m a very faithful man and I go to church but not judging doe.
I’m from Toledo oh, I’m 37 years young 206 pound I’m brown skin brown eyes wavy hair, 6’00 foot tall, whole body tattooed up none on my face can’t mark up beauty I work out every day and renew my mind body and soul I’m very hand some. no kids i love animals ,I’m looking for a woman I can vibe with and learn about and listen to what she got to say ,the ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort and convenience, but where he stands at times challenge and controversy, sometimes u need bad things to happen To in spire u to grow. he past cannot be changed, forgotten, edited, or erased it can only be accepted. my past has not defined destroyed deterred defeated me it has only strengthened me u can over come any situation u in to be happy happiness is a choice don’t let the hurt that someone else caused be the reason why u reject the love that someone is trying to give u, never make a person pay for a mistake they didn’t make. do u want to back happy ? let go of what’s gone, be greatful for what remains and look forward to what is coming me smile…..
we don’t see things the way they are we see them the way we are, god always leads us to where we need to be not where we want to be, trusting me won’t make the mountain smaller, but it will make climbing it that much easier. every day may not be good, but there is something good in every day if it doesn’t challenge u it doesn’t change u.so if u feel u got time to get to know me then jump on my jpay and send me your number and pic .age don’t matter don’t got time for no games to grown it is difficult to be patient but to waste the rewards for patience is worse. Im a very open person so if u want to know anything feel free to ask Im lock up for a felony 3 running from the police so noting series that u got to worry about I’m a good man that deserve a Good women.when u see a pic of me u will be like oh my god he is fine if u want to see how I look go on my face book page the name is( Jacob sisson) and u will see i forgot my past word but my page is still up .my mom had 5 kids I got 3 brothers a twin sister me and her is real close my mom past way 2008 my dad is in the Feds but he come home April I can’t wait I ain’t seen him since I was 18 years old I been in prison since 2000 it will be 19 years all together when I touch down I have been lock up all my life and I’m only 37 years old but I have learned my lession I want to start a family if that’s in gods plans I just want to be happy and make someone else happy your attitude determines your direction, believing in your self is the first secret to success one may walk over the highest mountain one step at a time have a blessed day and life, a blessed life doesn’t mean u don’t get sick a blessed life doesn’t mean that u don’t have accidents a blessed life doesn’t mean u don’t have trials and misfortunes. a blessed life means that what ever u have or situation u rise above that condition. i don’t need a perfect relationship I just need some that won’t give up on me ,with hat being said have a blessed day chances make champions so who ready to win????
jpay me at
(www jpay.com Jacob sisson #743-626
my face book name (Jacob sisson ) in case u want to see a picture of me.if u do get on my jpay send your number and picture please thank u god bless .take a chance and get to know me don’t judge the cover of my book meaning me being lock up read my book sincerely yours

Jacob Sisson #743-626
po box 56
Lebanon, oh 45036


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