Shara Cooper

Beautiful BreakThrough! by Shara Cooper

That which has been a disheartening barrier for decades has now become a Beautiful Breakthrough for those having experienced iron bracelets.

Life changing before our very eyes with a Beautiful Breakthrough that sets a genuine tone of equality and democracy to exclude no longer the formerly incarcerated.

A Beautiful Breakthrough of hearts transforming with eyes opening to welcome, accept, and value the person that is present in the now and not the paper of old that says “convicted felon”.

What a beautiful time in which to exist to witness the Beautiful Breakthrough of the sound of voices that were once muffled, hushed, and irrelevant in the very communities that they can now sound off in.

A true treasure to see and hear the liberty that flows from the hearts of those who were once an outcast, restricted, and labeled by society as “not qualified” simply because of a mistake that could have been anybody’s mistake to land anyone into the confines of incarceration.

Thank you Floridians for bringing about a Beautiful Breakthrough that will not only make history for the books but also write history for the years to come.

Thank you Floridians for not only changing the future but giving the greater gift of adding value, worth, and respect to the lives of more than 1 million people abiding in our many communities here in the Beautiful state of Florida. Indeed you have brought about a Beautiful Breakthrough!

Shara Cooper
DOC #163560

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  1. Good morning Shara it’s Shantia from high school I’m been looking for you for a while now I’ll finally found you.


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