Temple Bravo

Utopia Without Reparation? by Temple Bravo

From the birth of civilisation humans have yearned for lasting peace and tranquility, in short, utopia. The question begs to answer, why is true utopia so unattainable by humans, try we may. The answer is not as simplistic as one would think, but rather multifaceted. One rather difficult trait that humans must develop and retain if we are to start our journey down the road of Utopia is; a people/race having the same burning passion for another people/race when they are wronged as they do for their own. This may seem somewhat simplistic, however, it is a most difficult for a people/race to attain.
Another quality one must develop in order to bring about utopia is; we have to right the wrongs of the past as long as we have the means and ability to do so as a nation and a people. What does that mean? It means, we as humans have to start recognizing and embracing right over wrong. As oppose to embracing and choosing self-interest over what’s right and correct. Now, let me present this to you for your consideration with all honesty. Furthermore, if you are a believer in God, then consider this looking through the righteousness lens God embedded in all of us.
If we were to ask the world, was the extermination and starvation of the Jewish people during World War ll, just and correct? The overwhelming response of the world would be, in no uncertain terms, NO! And all would agree it was pure evil! And that would include the overwhelming view of the German people. Now, if we were to further ask, was it just and correct, the treatment and wholesale slaughter of the Native American people? The overwhelming response of the world would be, NO! They would all agree it was pure evil! This would be the view of the American people. Let me challenge your intellect just a little farther. If we were to ask the world, was it right and correct, the enslavement of the African people by the Western Powers? The overwhelming response of the world would be, NO! They would all agree it was pure evil! This would be the views of, The British, The French, The Portuguese, The Dutch, The Spanish, and The Americans. All of these nations and peoples have benefitted greatly financially from the enslavement of the Africans. No doubt, this subject leaves a bad taste in the mouths of many whites, of which, the vast majority are God-Fearing people and have a strong desire to right the wrongs of the past. However, there is a wide divide amongst them when it comes to the question of reparation for slavery, and how if anything at this stage in history. Meaning, how can it be rectified without breaking the bank. None seems to be able to find the answer, so the prevailing attitude is hands off, don’t talk about it. This important subject cannot be ignored from one generation-to-another. We cannot, just simply kick the can down the road indefinitely. It is fine time for us to have that conversation. Hats off to those white individuals who believe the time is now to heal that festering wound of old, call slavery! I’m optimistic in our future, we may be the generation to finally bring about a world of true utopia.
For starters, here’s my proposal in healing this four hundred year old festering wound call slavery, without breaking the bank. Every nation that have enslaved the Africans, MUST use their influence in the world to grant AUTOMATIC DUEL CITIZENSHIP to every descendant of the enslaved Africans, regardless of place of birth. So, when one says, African American, African Jamaican, African Brazilian, etc., it will be by law and recognized by the world that each and everyone that are descended from the once enslaved African people will have all the rights gauranteed as citizens on both shores. In short, “Reparation” in the form of RETURNING THE BIRTHRIGHT OF THE AFRICANS.

Temple Bravo
DOC #1190151

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