Alvatina Flucker

Leading by Example not by Instruction, by Alvatina Flucker

Happy New Year!!!!!!

Haven’t blogged since the 7th of December……
This has been a really hard and exceptionally challenging time.
The holidays are the same year after year, but the treatment appears to get more heartless and demeaning as we go along.
Yet, I MUST admitt that the ladies who are doing this time appears to be more at peace and content than the people that have charge over us.
I am currently in the Faith & Character program….that could be interpreted in several different ways because of the inconsistant structure and/or the insincerity of the participant, to want to do easy time. Well, not all of the participants, but a large majority.
Anyway, what I am getting at is the fact that at the time that it is needed the most—–these ladies pull together and make the best of what they have been given.
Where the officers job here is: care, custody and control….however, what we receive is abuse, disrespect and condecension.
These ladies most times come in this program playing games, but the exposure to the tools needed to survive in this world and be successful are implemented at the right times and exhibit the fact that “IF” a little more time and effort is put into really helping us to succeed…….I believe this culture can be turned around and cultivate a generation willing and able to work past the bad choices that were made that landed us in this present situation.
I’ve committed myself to teaching these ladies practical application of lifeskills right here where we are this year.
We can talk all day everyday, but this generation is one that has to “SEE” rather than hear or be told how to accomplish success.
So, this New Year I am dedicated to being the change and the example that I want to see.
Any suggestions or imput contact me at:

Alvatina Flucker #507101
Lowell C.I./Annex
11120 N.W. Gainesville Rd.
Ocala, FL 34482


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