Davin Wallace

GREAT HAPPY NEW YEAR! by Davin L. Wallace

Brief recap of 2018: I went through a year & season of blessings internally & externally, some came as storms others brightest as a clear summer day, but all was for preparation for then, now & the future. God gave me much favor last year & I aspect the favor to get greater as the intimacy of me & God relationship grow. God put me in positions that allowed me to see God work through me & allowed others to see God w/me & vice versa. In these positions He locked me in w/some people for His divine purpose of calling some & encouraging & or correcting including myself. He locked me in with some divine brothers & sisters that God used beyond my natural understanding. Some of these relationships continue to blow my mind how they came about & still stand & they often send vibes of joy throughout my body, heart & mind, but the unexplainable (natural of course) connection with one (likewise) has done a thing in me that leaves me to believe God used them all but more so that one to prepare me for this new year & new season which I believe they go be a part of. As the year approached the end I finally moved in obedience to focus on consecrating myself to God & to walk in the newness & greater level of walk that’s go be required for this new year & season. I truly believe this is a year of a great mass of answered prayers. A great year of the outpouring of what our Lord God has been preparing us for in previous years & seasons, specially the last one. I believe true believers are receiving it right now in their spirits what is about to take place in & only in Christ where we truly stand. Be ready. Keep standing in Christ but walking in faith on the principles that God’s Word has laid out for us. God bless us all & I love all! 2019 A GREAT YEAR!!!!

Davin L. Wallace
DOC #1101851


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