Mark Blain

The Insidiousness of Lying, by Mark Blain

I am no expert on the writings of Mr. Shakespeare, but I believe the character of “Iago,” in Shakespeare’s “Othello” epitomizes the evil inherent in the art of lying. His character, in the presentation of literature providing a study of evil and lying is, perhaps, the most poignant and appalling. The character provides us with an examination of St. Thomas Aquinas’s claim — and I concur — that lying remakes a person into the very image of Satan. Why? You might ask? Because lying, here in this instance, is a calculated act of manipulation, ruthlessly giving life to death itself. Here one engages in the pretense of loyalty. One puts on a false front of friendship. He does this, using the goodness of Othello’s wife, Desdemona, ultimately destroying her with Othello. He uses trust and subterfuge to gain position and appalling power, and putting themselves in a position to influence everyone around them. Here one creates fatal suspicion that leads to fear amongst those who once loved and trusted each other. Lies, deception, hypocrisy. ALL terms that lead to death to any and all encountering such.
An article I wrote recently (11/25/18) on this website (, entitled “The False Name, The Council of Nicaea, and The Missing Records,” inspired me to write this. Can there genuinely be any rational reason for people to intentionally convene a council, to simply deceive everyone of that day and ALL life afterwards, so that they eternally believe a lie?!!! Or, as some moral theologians suggest that, “…at some point we are faced with the ‘mysterium iniquitatis’ (id est, the cosmic inexplicability of human evil)? “I am not an expert in Shakespeare,” I said at the beginning, but I once was an avid liar! And so I know how it destroys you and everyone around you. Sooooo, why is it we still elect to serve lies rather than truth? If it is as evil as Shakespeare paints it, in Othello, why continue perpetuating a lie? That I am also no expert in; the hearts of men.

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