Donald Mitchell

I Miss, by Don Mitchell

I am from Boston and I have been far too long in the south. This time of year especially. You see I miss the change of seasons. Like when the first crisp day of fall hits and you know it is here to stay for awhile. When the leaves change color. When they fall. The smell of smoke from the fireplace. Leather jackets and scarves. New boots for the coming winter. I miss the first BIG snow of the year where the flakes are the size of Doillies and you can feel thier weight on your tongue. They cover everything in this super clean heavy blanket of white and it is cold but not so cold that you can’t wait to go out and turn around in the falling flakes and feel them stick to your skin. I miss how cozy the house feels when you come in from that cold and start to warm up. I miss the grey color of the sky when you have a day off and all you want to do is lay in bed on a quilt, a REAL quilt and watch a movie or your favorite re-runs. I miss the whole aura of the holiday season that seems to permiate the atmosphere from the grocery stores to the malls and even the neighborhoods. It has such a different feel to it than it does down here. At least to me. So melloncholy sets in and I find myself missing. One day I hope to be able to see/feel/live those times again, and while I wait I miss…

Don Mitchell
DOC #527866


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