Gerald Bates

Clemency an Impossible Concept, by Gerald Bates

In 2011 with the assistance of the National Clemency Project I filed a petition to commute my Life without Parole Sentence. I was convicted for abetting in a 1993 Jacksonville, Florida Burglary/Robbery no Victim Injury. My sentence was enhanced from a 7 year guideline sentence to Life without Parol because I had previously uttered a bad check.
The petition languished in the overwhelmingly backlogged process until 2017, In Florida since 1983 the only release mechanism for non-capitol degree felony life sentences is clemency. The draconian legislative decisions creating that situation has Florida ranked # 1 in the country for Life without Parole Prisoners.
Ten percent of Florida’s total prison population is serving Life without Parole. Another ten to fifteen percent serving virtual life sentences.
After 6 years and in light of my 25 year exemplar prison record, the petition was was simply denied. No hearing, no reasoning. Just a simple “Denied’ Because the process is so backlogged they extended the time limit for refiling from every 2 years to every 5 years.
I was recently put in touch with Richard at who is creating an web lobbying organization for prisoners like me. As with my recent letters to the Florida Legislation, Richard is taking the clemency process to the people. You can contact Richard at either: or

We live in the social media age and Richard’s organizations are trying expose and reform. My attempt at the conventional clemency process was a bust. It left the decision solely with the system, appointed clemency board members and elected officials Richard puts it to the people, where it should be.

Gerald Bates
DOC #1425997


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