Alan Thrower

WHO ARE YOU? by Alan Thrower

by Master A-1 Supreme God

Who are you?
Me, I God.The Supreme being, Asiatic Man from the planet Earth and A natural Born Hustler with straight talent made in the Universe…….
Im The First. The Father of reality, and Born is HE, Who Created the Universe and Galaxies….
I’m the Original Man with the plan, Who stands against SAM that’s playing the upper hand….A Afrikan
ALLAH is what they say. But a King In Play of those who knows the secret messages and codes…. Exposed.
So Who are you?
I’m the Cycle of Truth And my Seed is the proof……. taking me to 360 degrees which is A Clear understanding that One Sees, a Lesson. Someone who’ll fight for his freedom holding a automatic weapon…
A GOD BODY Who navigates the earth on a Geographical Scale Traveling through Hell, Smiling at the pale 4 Real. =)
You Better Listen while you Can, it’s a very thin line between Supreme God And Man, when Uncle Sam crosses the line we’ll all take a stand, what is you gone do shake his hand???

This is really who I am….

Alan Thrower #AI1509


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