Maurice Williams

Knowledge, Understanding & Wisdom (Part 2), by Maurice Williams

Understanding is the ability to comprehend how something works, how it is brought about through action and reaction. It is also a quality most learned through personal and interpersonal experience. Understanding can be shown through compassion and sympathy, the shared feelings and thought of others. Understanding gives people the opportunity to correctly go about situations, allowing the choices presented in thought to be thoroughly assessed. When having an understanding of people, circumstances, and situations, it is easier to tolerate disappointment, and or predict, with a higher certainty, the outcomes that follow prior decisions. When people have good understanding, it is easy to interpret, gather, and explain the information they have attained through the experiences they have encountered in life. Logic is a byproduct of understanding. Understanding gives people a greater capacity of reasoning by providing them with a better foresight. People should always allow themselves the opportunity to understand any and every situation they encounter in knowing that understanding partakes in the ability for better judgment. Understanding allows one to interpret and explain the information they have gathered and fully grasped mentally.
Wisdom is the ability to discern inner qualities and relationships; it provides insight, good sense, judgment, and also leads the way to wise attitude and course of action. Wisdom is the understanding of what is true, and then so acting accordingly to what is right. A wise person understands the possible totality of his decisions; therefore, he takes heed to the thoughts he puts into action. Many people claim to be wise but their actions often prove otherwise. Wisdom will show itself in the actions that people engage themselves in; it is the virtue that produces constructive ideology pursuant to rightful conduct. Wisdom is the ability to use the knowledge and understanding one has gained through experience, putting it into rightful action using good sense and proper judgment.
Knowledge, understanding, and wisdom share in the sense of information that is gathered and gained through experience, but they play very distinct roles in one’s life. Knowledge is a necessity, and one must be aware of the possibilities and ramifications of life and circumstances. Understanding is no less important. It will allow you to fully interpret what it is that you have learned; the information you have acquired throughout the course of life. Wisdom, what a wonderful virtue, gives one the proper judgment and good sense to carry out the rightful actions to benefit the lives of themselves and others. People think of themselves as knowledgeable and understanding, even wise, but as in many others things action speaks louder than words. So in closing let your actions be in line with the words of “wisdom” you choose to speak.

Maurice Williams
DOC #636892


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