Nathan Carter

BLUE APPLES, by Nathan Carter (aka: UNEEK THE WRYTER)

Poetry came needing me to speak a sermon of what’s been hurting explaining why it’s better for me to speak my story outside of fantasy from behind a closed curtain.

Where I was looking for love in the wrong place like the idiot I once was, but the theme park I walked through is no longer active for me. Then I recognized I’m too deep and focused, to go back thinking ballistic thoughts becoming everything they say I’ll never be.

Self made in God’s poetic image with pure emotions is how my mother and father made me.Taking notes without a pen, surpassing hope, defining my purpose, shining lights on my inner demons. Still evolved in my self-esteem standing in my best position, thinking freely of what my interest should be even if I’m stranded in hells kitchen.

Love for other people to know what true peace is and save young children from making the same mistakes we did, then place trust inside honesty like Jesus. Sorry to be facetious, but I’m actually on the path similar to every Pharaoh overcoming empty words from a poisoned harvest.

Because most humans are socially unconscious, spiritually dead, walking heartless, doing the devils deed regardless of being out-smarted.

So pardon me, because we should be tired of the lying stabbing one another in the backs mentally with less hope and tighter restrictions, as the price of existence is a broken dream for those who’s poverty stricken.

Plus it’s sad that thinking better can ignite a bitter conversation amongst those who think wicked without permission. And being in love with yourself more would make others resort to being master manipulators like whose who.

Well I’m Heaven sent thinking greater than my adversary in the mirror, protecting me from fake friends whose love is paper thin because angels and devils look alike.

Still I have no fear of everything, knowing I can do anything where I was born to do that. Love myself better than loving someone else is the biggest test.

And self been running from the truth, but I’m within my moment for my daughter, celebrating my greatness looking at my greatest threat. Living my best life knowing people will love you, but hate you with the quickness, because they can’t be you, such hypocrites.

Where words ain’t enough, but the more I reveal me the more I’m living.
And the day I die it’ll be the day I get tired of living.


Nathaniel Lamont Carter Jr.
DOC #373396

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