Sean Brown

2019, by Sean Brown

A resolution to a problem means I’ve solved it,
The solution that I’m fixing in My Mind has My head bobbing,
Yet I can’t quite grip it as reality as it slips,
Passed the edges of My Conscious Thought to forge & manifest it.
So, what does that say about Me?
How does that equate to a Man in control of His Destiny?
I can’t call it but I See there’s an opening to slide through,
Because every Sunrise brings an opportunity that’s new,
A chance for more giving, more growing, & more living;
A chance for more learning & knowing My own villains.
The struggle’s never the same, but the formula remains,
Transcendence by way of Endurance births Strength from all the pain.
Hope is a Beacon if accompanied by Diligence,
Let this be a year of Action with Purpose so You accomplish what Your mission is!

Sean Brown
DOC #1083630


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