Bennie Lackings

SITTING BY THE BAY, by Bennie Lackings

One day as I was sitting by the bay, Wondering what was going to happen the next day, As God’s animals swan, crawled, and flew by my way, The need was felt for me to pray, I prayed for the young-I prayed for the old, I prayed for the salvation of everyone’s soul, Yes, we need God-We need him more than anything, For I give the Lord His time, for I know that Christ is King, Christians, Muslims, and Jews; in the One and Only God we believe, Misery loves company, so please know that Satan’s out to deceive, I’ll see you one day in Heaven-Being a missionary’s the things for me, How can that be? Because I love helping others who are in need…..

Bennie Lackings
DOC #326869


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