Devven Beaver

Introduction Blog, by Devven Beaver

Author: Devven Beaver, 49 y.o., outdate- July, 2025. I am an aspiring writer with the goal of writing and publishing three works before my outdate.
My present address is Marion Correctional Institution, PO Box 57, Marion, Ohio 43301 Inmate #A687-028. I also have a profile on
Because I am a writer and a state inmate I naturally have no shortage of opinions about many subjects – social issues, politics, faith, crime and punishment, the general condition of society in the world today, etc. But being one who has been incarcerated through much of the contemporary advent of internet communication mediums I really don’t know exactly what blogging consists of. I’ve never tweeted, facebooked, tumbled, or snapchatted. Or blogged. This is my first attempt. Forgive me if I cross any proprietary lines.

Devven Beaver
DOC #A687-028


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