Caroline Peoples

Depraved (Part 4), by Caroline Peoples

This dude was crazy and was very violent and I soaked up all I could form him not like I had much of a choice because there was a price to pay if he ever had to repeat himself and with me he never did not once. His apartment was right behind River Oaks Mall and for a young girl I thought I was doing big things. We would leave his crib and go to one of his brothers apartments where he kept his dope to bag up and I would deliver. alone in a livery cab by myself. I would go to one of his main dope spots and sit all day issuing out dope and collecting money. So much money passed through my hands it was unbelievable. I was living in this nice apartment, riding in nice cars, eating at nice restaurants and dressing like a grown woman. I was on top of the world. Oh I know you are wondering and yes I had sex with this dude but it wasn’t anything traditional. There is more to this story because shortly after this he went to jail on conspiracy charges and I was left pregnant, broke, hungry, homeless, and scared. No help and no hope. I watched him torture people who messed up his money, order girls to be raped, and although I was scared til death of him I participated in a lot of sick sadistic stuff just to keep a roof over my head. It never dawned on me that I was being used. I never realized it until I was homeless with a baby that nobody cared anything about me at home or in the streets. I started to get desperate. I was lost in a city that is below zero degrees outside with nowhere to go. I started to lose the little piece of mind I had left. I was drowning in darkness. It all led me here. I ended up in he hands of another abusive man who preyed on a young girl with no one to tell if he did anything to me. He made the last years of my free life one of despair, hopelessness, and hell. It took me years to heal from the physical, emotional, and mental abuse all the while his family amening everything he did to me. I still don’t understand them. People will have eyes and cannot see and ears that cannot hear. I went on a downward spiral but I survived I all and I am whole now. Everything that the devil stole from me God will and has restored.I am grateful that He saw me worthy of being saved. Blessed.

Caroline Peoples
DOC #163969


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