It was 8pm, summertime & the sun was making it’s daily descent as nighttime appoached. She knocked on my door at 2 mins past the hour.
As my eyes took in her beauty, my heart skipped a beat and I heard wedding bells ringing in my head. If there ever was a Goddess to walk the earth, she was standing in front of me. Gently, I pulled her into my embrance, closed the door and said to her “Your beauty knows no bounds. Your heart is pure and sound. I’ve loved you since the day I first laid eyes on you. I swear by the moon and the stars, that only one woman shall my heart forever be enslaved. YOU!!”
We kissed. Softly at first, and then, passion over us as lust and desire slowly crept in. We ended our kiss-just holding one another and staring into each other’s eyes. Finally I swept her off her feet and carried her to the bedroom.
Scented candles were lit on the nightstand and the dresser. There were rose pedals on the bed, and soft jazz music hummed low in the background. I didn’t give her a chance to notice the bowl of strawberries & whipped cream sitting on the nightstand.
Kissing again, we begin the process of removing each other clothes. Finally undressed, I lay her down kneeling between her legs. I paused to admire her beauty and was turned on as my eyes difted to her love box. Starting with her earlobes, I moved down inch-by-inch. Suck there, lick here. Collarbone: suck here, lick there. Right breast: kiss here, lick there, suck there, kiss some more over there, squeeze. Repeat. I added a soft bite to her areola this time and switched breast’.
Down i went until I ws 1 inch removed from her clitoris. I decided to give her some delightment, so I reached over & grabbed the strawberries and whipped cream. I covered her moist love box in whipped cream and added 2 strawberries with their tops already removed. I then put whip cream down both of her thighs and went down one then the other. Lick, suck, soft bite, suck.
Coming up the left leg I finally reached her love box. I ate both strawberries, and licked the whipcream. Combined with the sweet taste of her love box, the whip cream was succulent while also exotic and wonderful.
I turned my tounge & mouth loose, as one would let go of a pittbull at a dog fight. My tounge slid up and down her walls, beat her walls, stroked the inside of her love box as if it were a mans genitals, and then I softly bit and sucked on each lip, one at a time. She was barely holding on as my tounge began to make circles around her clit.
Then I decided to kiss her other thigh as a tease. She went bananas, saying something that make me know I better get back to where my tounge and mouth belonged.
So i licked that pussy, ate that pussy, sucked that pussy, f#@ed it with my tounge; you name it. I was going to please her at all costs. I traced every letter of the alphabet and even did the numbers 1-50, until she started moaning, trembled, and her loved juices burst forth like a ruptured water pipe.
Her legs would not support themselves and went limp. So I braced them by putting them around my shoulders. I lapped up all of her love juice while she made soft musical sounds of pleasure and enjoyment. I made it my business to give her a repeat/encore performance.
Next, giving her body an all out exploration, I let my tounge be guided by her heart and gave in to her long desire to be licked in that ‘special’ place. My tounge carressed her anal flower and danced the night away to the sounds of her excitement and opera loud sounds of joy. She breathed as if she had run miles.
That task finished, It was time for our bodies to come together and make history.
I made my way back up her body the best way I knew. Our tounges danced as I pulled her right leg up ever so slightly and gently entered her body. Together we made magic. We were so deeply entwined that we became one.
Reaching a climax that is beyound the description of words, we collasped in each arms. The clock on the nightstand read 2:30am.
I don’t remember us dozing off to sleep, but I awoke somewhere around 5am with you still beneath me. I got up as gently and as slowly as possible without disturbing you.
I got a quick breakfast prepared and served you breakfast in bed. I fed you all of it. We showered together. Well…okay, so we f@$ed this time; then showered.
It was a beautiful night and a lovely morning. Can’t wait to see you again my love. May your memories be as blissful as mine.
P.S. Please contact me as soon as you can. I miss you and so too does my tounge! Te extrano much, y lengua tambien.

An avid reader, Walter West also writes short stories, peoms, and puede hablar espanol. He is currently writing a book about life in prison. You may contact him by email at Walter West #426915 (state Louisiana)
or by snail mail by:

Walter West #426915
Raymond Laborde CC/C3-C1
1630 Prison Road
Cottonport, La 71327


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