Walter West

Lockdown Day 5, by Walter West

tues. Breakfast: cold pancakes w/syrup. Warm oatmeal, coffee, and cold milk. It’s too cold to be drinking anything that is cold. I got to remember to pray every morning. Usually I get up and read my Daily Bread along with Faith to Faith and the accompanying scriptures.
You gotta have something to stand on after being down 20 yrs. Shakey and I talked all the way til the middle meal came around 11 am. They served red beans and rice, corn bread, greens, chicken sausage link, and a cookie bar. I ate just the beans with the cornbread and some of the greens. I ate hald of the ling and was tryin’ to give the other half to my neighbor. He said “hold that til later, you might need it.” So I washed it, wrapped it in toilet paper , and saved it right alongside my 1/2 of cookie bar.
I slept thru the whole 2nd half. Last chow I had to make a meal. They served some noodels with turkey meat, low grade though. Soggy. And it did not look like anything I wanted to ever even think about eating. The pinto beans and cornbread hit the spot. Dessert was pudding. Skip that too.
We ran epps all night after that. “how that set it off by boosie go?” remember this song and so forth.
Then we played a game called name that movie. Somebody would say a part from a movie we all probably seen, and everyone else had to guess the name of the movie. You already know how I did in that. Horrible! When my turn came to say a aprt I said “Who is the master.” After I said it twice, they knew it as Bruce Leroy in The Last Dragon. Supa throwback.
They got another game they play. You use catergories like artist, album, or comedian. Then you start from a-z going from the first cell of participants to the next, and you name one artist with the alphabet you get. Yea, you already know how I did in that catergory. Horrible.
It was damn near 3 in the morning and we were still epped out. It look like as soon as I fell asleep it was breakfast time.

An avid reader, Walter West writes shorts stories, poems, and loves music. If you would like to contact him about anything concerning prison, have questions, or just want to say hello you can email him at Walter West #426915 (state La)
by snail mail thru:

Walter West #426915
Raymond Laborde CC/C3 C1
1630 Prison Road
Cottonport, La 71327


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