Travis Smith


Note : the sweet little girl that died I mentioned was Jakelin Caal , she was from Guatemala and passed away in a camp in New Mexico.. She was 7

I want to thank whoever reposted one of my poems, I think it was the princess story , thank you

Just to make my point about Ohio’s criminal justice attitude about who is considered dangerous and in need of a long prison sentence , I just read a article in the Ohio Columbus dispatch newspaper…Todd R Gavorcik will spend less than five years in prison for groping a boy at concom and having numerous inappropriate photos and videos of children….. Remember the bond issue I spoke about before how a man had a 5 thousand $ bond for sexually assaulting his girlfriend and got out and shot her in the face with a shotgun, this guy was freed on a small bond in 2007 for fondling two 10 year old boys.. he was picked up by police near a elementary school and they found nude photos of boys in the car.
What the hell does Ohio consider violent , because they say my crime was violent because I possessed a gun , even though no one was injured. My crimes only involved adults. This guys is destroying the minds of children. This guy is suffering from one of the most proliferate pernicious destructive psychiatric diseases in the world. Our prisons are stuffed to the brim with the tattered beat up souls of those who have been mentally devastated by sexual and physical abuse. The streets are a dangerous and violent stalking ground for the predators who have been victims at one time themselves as children. The disease is passed to posterity like vampirism , as one is bit as a child and then becomes the victimizer.The chemicals released from the genitalia are breathed in by the child permanently altering their brain chemistry. No one can deny the treacherous results of this act and its terrible consequences. The porn industry exist as a result of this disease. I guarantee that 99% of those females and a lot of the men were sexually abused the chain of consequences is unreal. How Ohio cannot take this seriously is beyond comprehension. How can they justify putting someone in prison for 40 years for theft like me , and continuously slap these pedaphiles on the wrist. it goes on and on, low bonds for them and a repeating cycle of the crime. What is wrong here. How can you say a guy that sold some cocaine is dangerous to society? that is a side effect of being abused, a distorted sense of morals and right and wrong. the people who choose to abuse a child and pass the psychiatric disease onto another person ruining their psyche should be stopped for good..They cry like a bitch in court and say they need help and take the programs and get out and do it again..fine lock me up forever for stealing money while in possession of a hand gun , but lock these fucking sickos up too , ..please repost this for opinion , put it out there , send it to the news send it to Ohio lawmakers. ask them when is the chain of the disease going to be broke…as long as the millions of these people are out there they are going to continue to keep producing future predators and create massive problems within the fabric of our societies.
The boy Gavorcik molested stated in court , boys are supposed to like monsters and stuff , but you ruined that for me , you are a monster and I will never be able to enjoy stuff like before..people like you change our world and make it scary , your a monster and your real

Travis m Smith
DOC #529433

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