Maurice Williams

Knowledge, Understanding, & Wisdom (Part 1), by Maurice Williams

Knowledge, understanding, and wisdom are virtues many people hope to attain throughout the course of life. Knowledge is the clear perception of truth gained by actual experience. Understanding is the ability to interpret and explain information one has gathered and fully grasped mentally. Wisdom is the ability to use the knowledge and uderstanding one has gained, and put it into rightful action using good sense and proper judgment. People often think of themselves as being knowledgeable and understanding, but without the wisdom, knowledge and understanding will fall short of expectation.
Knowledge is the information one gains from his or her actual experience, something someone has learned and kept in mind with a clear perception of truth. Knowledge is also attained by counsel, one who is in position to teach another who is in position to learn. Many circumstanes people encounter throughout life create the necessary conditions for one to acquire knowledge. Hands on experience is the teacher of many. People attain knowledge on a daily basis, through conversation and by witnessing people and events. It is important because it gives a person the ability to assess circumstances ad situations. Many people have the knowledge to deal with situations in a proper manner, but the do not often use the knowledge they have in the most effective fashion. When someone has acquired knowledge, they keep in mind what they have learned, in other words, they have in possession the information they need to put into action. Having the proper knowledge of people, places, and things are essential. Knowing the possibilities and or opportunities that can be presented in any given circumstance is a direct result of properly gained knowledge and so forth.

Maurice Williams
DOC #636892


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