Percy Jones

by Percy Jones

Being Away Since I Were A Teen,Now I’m Almost 43 Years Old…. I Have Grown Into Something That I Never Thought I Would…. My Take(Perspective) On Life,And The World Has Evolved With My Age… Once I Had Gotten A True Understanding Of Things, My Mind Just Blossomed Into Something Open And Mature….

Topic:(LOVE) Love,The Ultimate Love Is Self Love…. The Love That You Have For Yourself Should Reflect Those In Your Life… Family/Friends Love Ones…
Let’s Say,You Feel That You Were Not Loved,And Then Years Later You Are Blessed To Experience Love,Being By Bringing A Child Into The World…. Or Thru A Relationship… That Is When You Know That Self Love Should Spread Out,And Be Contagious.. Love Is The Foundation Of Life… It Never Changes Or Gets Old… Love Is Sacred/Pure/Warm/Caring/Unselfish….. It’s Addictive…..We All Need To Overdose On Love….

Percy Jones
DOC #a293-821
Warren Correctional Institutions

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