Curtis Stevens

Why Me? by Curtis Stevens

For years I’ve tryed to understand why me? through the life changes I face on a daily basis I still remained humble. I ask myself why, is this a test or is this the hand I was dealt. Through all the mistakes I’ve made being young and stubborn how did I end up incarcerated, Why? because I believe in protecting family or is it because my family has my heart that is why!. Right or Wrong I still look myself in the mirror and say everyday Why me? I’ve done the best I could to avoid situations my gut been telling me don’t go. I’ve tried to defuse a bad situation and it ended wrong and to this day 13 years later I’m still saying why me?. What I do? why I was chosen? I guess its only one person who can answer that for me until then I will still be asking myself why?….

Curtis Stevens
DOC #538-256

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