Mark Thomas

Nation, by Mark Thomas

A nation segregated amongst are self the powers that be found a way around the 13 amendment through common wealth this message is to not to be heard but felt why is my nation so detrimental to it’s own health we on the verge of drowning but afraid to ask for help

We fight an kill each other or power drugs money an colors not knowing if we stand by one another, and uplift our brothers fathers children an mothers we can be a force to recon with an make the whole world shudder.

My nation has be lied to about how we came forth told we wore slaves an savages an nothing more told we had no riches an wore poor force to praise fake kings an lords my people its time to cut the cord of the brain wash motherboard for I am the original man a moor hear me roar.

My nation this world is ours for the taken no longer will we be pushed shoved ,or shaken no longer will we be thought of as illiterate, or basic my nation it is time to embrace your greatness

Mark Thomas
DOC #703781


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